Sarah Thielsen
University of Applied Sciences Hof
7th semester WS 2014/2015
bachelor thesis
supervised by Prof. F. H. Wolfram
"111MGZN is a magazine, which is published at irregular intervals as an independent publication. No two magazines are the same, as every new edition covers a completely new topic, opening up new creative opportunities. For every new edition, a single creative is tasked with designing all interior aspects of the magazine.
Design student Sarah Thielsen worked on the look of the very first edition. She incorporated elements from her early childhood, adolescence, with heavy emphasis on puberty in her work."
This project could not have been realised without the help of my beloved mother, Elisabeth Thielsen. Thank you so much for all the understanding, goodwill and patience you showed me, especially in those last few weeks before the due. I am so grateful for my dear friend Paulina Merta. I will never forget the time and consult you offered me despite the lack of time you already had in your schedule. Last but not least I also like to thank my father, Knut Thielsen, for his support and love during those last months.
Now, as usual, I thank you for your time and appreciation.
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